Wireless & Mobility

The Exertis Wireless and Mobility business unit offers a true value added distribution service to resellers, integrators and service providers seeking to address the 21st century reality that digital connectivity is now prevalent in every part of our lives and that the primary method of connection is wireless.

For those new to our products, we help you to: reduce the cost of entry to the market, win profitable deals, and turn first time customers into satisfied reference points. For our more experienced customers, we act as a part of their team, experts in a key technology and always available to help.

Our portfolio provides choice: deal winning solutions for each vertical market, with well differentiated value propositions for education, retail, hospitality, health and many other verticals.

Our products include:

  • Fast, reliable wired and wireless infrastructure for distributed networks and for high density high mobility environments. Cloud, controller based, controller less.
  • Appropriate e-safety and security addressing the regulatory and commercial requirements.
  • Network and device management
  • Vertically focussed Wi-Fi applications – Public, guest and BYOD on-boarding. Location services, connection analytics and more.
  • Specialist wireless devices

To complement our products, we offer a full wrapper of pre-and post-sales services, using our in-house Wi-Fi expertise and specialist tools to add value, and reduce cost for our resellers.

Professional Services

Design & Quote

The Exertis Wireless and Mobility team removes the complexity of providing an accurate bill of materials and quotation for Wi-Fi.

Our desktop survey and quotation service provides resellers with an estimation of the number of access points required to meet a wireless design specification, a graphical representation showing the calculated optimum positions for the access points, a bill of materials and a quote. If installation is required, we also provide a scope of works.

Our team uses market leading equipment and has extensive experience enabling us to deliver appropriate solutions for each different environment with a high level of accuracy.

Post Sales Services

Our post sales services enable resellers to outsource a part of, or the whole, installation process. Services include:

  • Site Survey
    Our on-site survey takes physical measurements to enhance accuracy of the desktop survey. It provides a full report detailing recommended access point locations, local Wi-Fi interference, cabling and power requirements and, if required, a network infrastructure suitability assessment.
  • Installation
    We offer installation services to complement those of our reseller.
    These include:
    • Technical Installation:
      Configuration of access points controllers and management systems.
      Integration with network services such as radius and active directory.
      Configuration of guest/analytics systems
    • Physical Installation:
      Mounting of access points and antennas.
      Cabling or connection to cabling.
      Installation of switching and POE
    • Testing:
      Post installation site survey.
      Full connectivity tests.
    • Training:
      Bespoke end user system training
  • On Going Support
    Some of our product ranges are covered by The Exertis Professional Services Team

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