Top Reasons to Refresh your PC

When was the last time your customers upgraded their company’s PC’s? If it’s been more than four years, maybe it’s time to start thinking about refreshing.

  • Reason 1: Employees will be more productive*
    • Today’s laptops and desktops may boost employees’ productivity up to 50% compared to those from 5 years ago.*
  • Reason 2: Security that works wherever your employees work
    • Advanced Authentication will ensure only the right users have access to company materials no matter where they are working.
  • Reason 3: The Company will save more money
    • Newer technology features quick and cost efficient adaptability to whatever requirements might arise for your company.

So the question isn’t, “Why refresh with the latest Dell laptops and desktops powered by Intel?” The question is, “Why wouldn’t you?”

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More than a Machine

Many workers use laptops as their primary computer, limiting the amount of useful screen space even more than single desktop monitors. In an October 2010 survey commissioned by Dell and conducted by Ziff Davis Enterprise, respondents discussed the disadvantages of using a single laptop display and the advantages of pairing laptops with desktop monitors and using both screens.

It’s clear from the results that a single, often 14-inch or smaller laptop screen is not preferred for daily work tasks, and that a second monitor improves productivity, user experience, and task-completion time.

Disadvantages of laptop screens Benefits of laptop + desktop monitor
Inferior work with graphics / video / animation Greater employee creativity
Slower or more difficult multi-tasking Reduces need for multiple PCs per employee
Employee fatigue / stress Greater employee satisfaction / health / comfort
Inferior use / viewing of presentation formats Greater employee or workgroup versatility
Employee dissatisfaction Greater employee productivity
Inferior use / viewing of spreadsheets or databases More customizable to individual users’ needs
Difficulty using browsers / Web sites Better / faster product development /design
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Dell EMC Partner Program

Our valued Partners have access to the industry’s most comprehensive portfolio and truly extraordinary, world-class partner programs.


Solution Combos

Dell have a wide array of devices and peripherals that scale across a number of verticals. Here at Exertis we have identified a number of solutions that can work perfectly for your customers, making Dell your one-stop shop for all your IT needs.

Best for

Best for

Best for
the Home Office

Introducing the Dell Rugged Family

Rugged isn't just for the Forces and Logistics companies. The Dell Rugged Portfolio is perfect for any outdoor industry where mobility is needed but there is a risk of damage or exposure to the elements. At Exertis we have white label marketing assets (downloadable below) as well as a seeding unit programme where you can request a demo device to help with your customer conversations. Call today to find out more!

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Why a Workstation?

For the most mission critical work, workstation reliability and performance is essential. Dell have a broad portfolio of Workstation products. From the ultra-mobile 3000 series, which gives an entry-level introduction into the power of the Precision series, all the way up to the 7000 series Tower, which is perfect for scalability, there will be a Precision Workstation ideal for you and your customers. Again here at Exertis we can arrange a seeding unit programme that can give you the opportunity and the tools to work with your customers.

Product Features

  • Hardware cost ROI, as early as a few days
  • Professional Graphics: AMD FirePro™ or NVIDIA Quadro®
  • Most powerful processors (Intel® Xeon®), fastest memory speeds, more memory capacity, and faster SSD drives
  • ISV Certified with key applications like AutoCAD, Adobe Premiere, SOLIDWORKS and more
  • Dell Precision Optimizer for up to 121% more performance
  • Precision Tower 3000 Series up to 227% faster than OptiPlex 7040
  • Precision 15 3000 Series up to 30% faster than Latitude 5570

The Dell and Exertis Partnership

Exertis is the #1 distributor of IT and Communication products in the UK. Exertis IT distributes a wide range of best-selling products from the world’s leading brands, of which Dell is pivotal to our portfolio. Backed up by specialist sales teams and efficient logistics, Exertis deliver outstanding added value to your business proposition.

Exertis do more than just efficiently ship product: They offer a range of consultancy services and technical support that enables us to deliver complete solutions. Exertis make sense of the breadth of technology and market opportunity to help customers develop propositions that align to key market sectors or simply help identify and respond quickly to new market trends. Exertis services include:


  • Marketing & creative services
  • Demand generation
  • Channel marketing
  • RP & communications
  • Website design, build & management
  • Social media
  • End user marketing

Digital Solutions

  • White label e-commerce
  • Redemption sites
  • Digital content
  • Digital stock room
  • In-store kiosks
  • Digital signage
  • Website design & build

Channel Services

  • Pre & post-sales support
  • Quotation & bid support
  • Consultancy
  • Training & product demo
  • Virtual warehousing
  • Supply chain optimisation
  • Marketing
  • Finance & credit support


  • Timed, next & same day
  • Branded deliveries
  • Drop ship
  • Dedicated 3rd Party logistics
  • Reverse logistics services
  • Import duty management
  • National & international
  • Inventory control

Supply Chain

  • Sourcing & procurement
  • Factory supply
  • QA & audit
  • Global logistics
  • Inventory financing
  • Consumer supply chain support
  • Build forecast planning
  • Product design
  • Market localisation
  • Collateral management

Retail Solutions

  • Product services
  • Consumer & retail insight
  • Category management
  • Product packaging
  • Merchandising & display
  • Training & demo
  • Experiential engagement

Speak to your Exertis Account Manager today to find out how Exertis and Dell can help you grow your business by keeping abreast of the latest technology and offer you the complete solution.



Simon Barnard

Computing General Manager

Steve Hewins

Senior Business Manager - Dell Client

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Business Manager - Dell TFT