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Advantages of Windows Devices for the Manufacturing and Resources Industry

Advantages of Windows Devices for the Manufacturing and Resources Industry

One converged platform & universal apps on a range of innovative devices

With one converged platform in Windows 10, banking staff get a familiar experience with universal line of business (LoB) apps running across range of innovative devices, including a smartphone, tablet, PC, low-cost devices, Surface Hub, HoloLens, or Xbox One. Whether used by managers in corporate offices or field service operations staff at a work site, the same app can be tailored and delivered through multiple form factors, helping them to achieve more with seamless solutions designed for their business.

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Security for a modern workforce

Windows 10 introduces a number of advancements in security and identity protection features that are easy to deploy and manage, and that don’t compromise the user experience. Windows 10 offers security innovation to strengthen corporate IDs and multi-factor authentication, helping to ensure safety in the event that corporate devices are lost or stolen.

Continuous innovation using a single platform

Windows 10 will be delivered as a service, giving manufacturers more choice and flexibility by allowing them to pick the speed of innovation that is right for each group of users or devices. Businesses will be able to provide frequent updates to certain segments of users, and, at the same time, can lock down mission critical environments to receive only security and critical updates to their systems.

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Business transformation with the Internet of Things (IoT)

The IoT is revolutionizing the way businesses interact with data and processes, by enabling companies to create new business models and transform their operations. With Microsoft Azure and Windows 10 IoT, manufacturers can use real-time analytics to monitor machine operations, improving troubleshooting capabilities through Windows devices, and making their mission critical processes more efficient.

Why Windows is the right solution for Manufacturing and Resources

Manufacturing and Resources companies usually have very specific requirements for their IT solutions and Windows Devices are perfectly equipped to cater for those.

Mobile Manufacturing and resources workers need to access the full functionality of Outlook and Office software, without having to waste time learning a new interface. Manufacturers also need their employees to be able to access multiple apps at once. Windows support for multiple user profiles means your customers can share tablets between shifts of workers.

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