Windows 10

Windows 10 can help provide clinical grade solutions for hospitals, care workers and administrators.

Improved Patient Care

Connected devices in patients' hands, telehealth and telemedicine strategies, and bring-your-own device compatibility can all help enable better care at lower cost. Your customer can embrace patient mobility and anywhere access without compromising security.

Drive Smarter Operations

Smart, connected devices can reduce data entry errors and inventory management costs. Cloud computing can streamline system efficiency. Enterprise-grade security helps ensure that patient records are always kept safe.

Increase Team Collaboration

Distributed teams can collaborate seamlessly, coordinating care decisions across distance and multiple information systems. Providers who are less burdened by repetitive data entry tasks have more time to confer with patients and each other.

Gain Better Patient Insights

Consolidating and analysing disparate data can result in better patient care. Administrators can apply BI tools to assess organisational performance, unlock new ways to predict outcomes, and locate new opportunities for cost reductions.

Innovative devices for your organization

Windows 10 is designed to work with the devices you already own, and light up the features of new devices like health-specific tablets. And Windows 10 is looking forward to the next wave of device innovation, powering devices that hang on the wall and help you work as a team like never before, and new holographic interfaces open up new ways to create, learn, collaborate, and visualize.

One converged platform & Universal Windows Platform apps on a range of innovative devices

With one converged platform on Windows 10, healthcare providers get a familiar experience with line of business (LoB) apps running across a range of innovative devices, including a smartphone, tablet, PC, low-cost devices, Surface Hub, HoloLens, or Xbox One. Whether used by in-clinic physicians serving patients or case managers in the field, the same app can be tailored and delivered through multiple form factors, helping them to achieve more with seamless solutions designed for their business.

Windows 10 Laptop

Security technologies for a modern workforce

Windows 10 introduces a number of advancements in security and identity protection features that are easy to deploy and manage and that don’t compromise the user experience. Windows 10 offers security innovations to strengthen organizational IDs and multi-factor authentication, helping to ensure sensitive personal data in the event that your devices are lost or stolen.

Continuous innovation using a single platform

Windows 10 will be delivered as a service, giving healthcare organizations more choice and flexibility by allowing them to pick the speed of innovation that is right for each group of users or devices. Administrators will be able to provide frequent updates to certain segments of users, and, at the same time can lock down mission critical environments to receive only security and critical updates to their systems.

Healthcare transformation with the Internet of Things (IoT)

The IoT is revolutionizing the way that healthcare providers interact with medical devices and patients, including distance healthcare, and wearable biometric devices. With Microsoft Azure and Windows 10 IoT, healthcare organizations can use real-time analytics to increase monitoring accuracy of inpatient as well as outpatient treatment, improve response times, and improve healthcare outcomes through evidence-based diagnosis.