Windows 10

Windows 10 provides your customer with capabilities to ensure productive and compliant communication, which is crucial to government worker efficiency.

It is designed with government needs in mind, and ensure organisations have advanced tools to protect their sensitive information.

The go-anywhere, do-anything operating system

With an intuitive interface, Windows 10 will boost mobility and transform the way your customers connect with colleagues and citizens.

Windows 10 Laptop

Users can work anywhere

Enable more flexible work styles by securely delivering apps and data to government workers - wherever they are.

Responsive mobility

Windows tablets help move processes from the office to the street and back again with powerful devices featuring longer battery life.

End-to-end security

Help secure data from the device to the back-end while gaining sophisticated encryption technology.

Government friendly, citizen approved: Windows devices give your customer the power to get things done from virtually anywhere.

Made for public sector

Your customers gain the productivity of a desktop PC with the mobility of a tablet with apps like Office 365 and SharePoint Online.

Present and collaborate

Surface tablets come with a USB port, so your customers can plug into presentation-grade displays.

Full control

Your customer can develop mobile apps with the technologies agencies already have in place for software development.

Data protection

Microsoft designs computer security software that can help employees at the local and state levels protect their information, all while keeping things running smoothly and economically.

Advantages of Windows Devices in Government and Public Sector organisations:

One converged platform & Universal Windows Platform apps on a range of innovative devices

With one converged platform on Windows 10, organizations get a familiar experience with universal line of business (LoB) apps running across a range of innovative devices, including a smartphone, tablet, PC, low-cost devices, HoloLens, or Xbox One. Whether used by mobile business decision makers on the go, or information workers at an office workstation, the same app can be tailored and delivered through multiple form factors, helping them to achieve more with seamless solutions designed for their business.

Windows 10 Laptop
Windows 10 Laptop

Security technologies for a modern workforce

Windows 10 introduces a number of advancements in security and identity protection features that are easy to deploy and manage and that don’t compromise the user experience. Windows 10 offers security innovation to strengthen organizational IDs and multi-factor authentication, helping to ensure safety in the event that government devices are lost or stolen.

Business transformation with the Internet of Things (IoT)

The IoT is revolutionizing the way that governments interact with their citizens, by using real-time analytics, purchase history, and promotions. With beacon support in Windows 10, organizations can offer customized services and experiences for employees and citizens using Windows devices.

Windows 10 Laptop

Be more productive

Windows 10 is friendly and familiar, while working in a lot of new ideas. With lots of similarities to Windows 7, including the Start menu, your people will feel like experts right away. And, with Windows 10 your apps and content adapt to display beautifully in all modes, on all devices and even as you transition from one to another*, so you stay productive. Now, the best screen is always the one you are on.