Windows 10

Windows 10 helps students and educators do great things

Building the education platform for 21st century learning

Windows 10 Surface

Better learning outcomes

  • Your customers will benefit from an interactive internet experience with Microsoft Edge
  • Classroom collaboration with OneDrive and OneNote and Office 365
  • Multi-task and synthesise quickly with multi-doing and virtual desktops
  • The best screen is always the one you’re on with Continuum

Affordable devices and solutions

  • Your customers will be able to reach all students with devices for every learning style
  • Users' existing devices will be better due to enhanced Start menu and fundamentals
  • They will be on the cutting edge with revolutionary devices for education
  • They will have access to affordable and advanced technology with academic volume licensing for education and student use benefit.

Simplified Deployment and Management

  • Your customers can be more efficient and save time with app, hardware and device compatibility
  • Advanced Mobile Device Management
  • They can choose cloud or on premise management solutions that are best for schools

Introducing Windows 10 Education

Windows Devices and Competencies

New product edition just for education customers

OEM competencies

Enterprise functionality with academic discounts

Retail training

Eligible for student use benefit for additional cost savings

Technical Training

Enables more deployment options