Windows 10

Windows 10 Training

Most training is available at low or no cost to Microsoft partners. These training tools can help your customers learn about a new Microsoft product or service or study for softer skills such as sales.

Whether your customer is an established professional or new to the field, Microsoft IT training will give them the expertise they need in a specific product or technology. When they learn from Microsoft’s Certified Trainers, they can be confident that what they learn will be accurate, complete, and up to date.

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Windows Devices and Competencies

Windows Devices & Competencies:

Unlock the Windows opportunity with training and benefits to help your customers grow their business and connect to customers.

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OEM competencies

OEM competencies:

The opportunity to open new markets for OE PCs and servers is unprecedented. Allow your customers to showcase their innovative, customisable hardware solutions.

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Retail training

Retail training:

Your customers can choose from a range of retail training services to help support their customers.

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Technical Training

Technical training:

Your customers can choose from a variety of courses and levels to become familiar with Windows 10 Enterprise devices and apps, and the IT Infrastructure.

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