Windows 10

New Windows 10 will better meet users' security expectations

Microsoft’s most secure platform ever offers security across four channels.

Windows 10 Tablet

Identity protection

Microsoft passport, Windows Hello Beta*, and Microsoft Azure Active Directory increase the level of security of devices and includes the use of biometrics for access to devices, data and apps more securely.

Data Protection

Enterprise Data protection provides encryption of your user’s device at the file level across mobile devices and desktop. With improved BitLocker, users can manage and configure their disk encryption.

Windows 10 Data Protection
Windows 10 Tablet

Threat Resistance

Windows 10 offers Device Guard, with the newest malware-resisting technology so your users are more protected from risks. Device guard will warn users of apps and sites that are not trustworthy before they are run.

Device Security

Hardware based security and UEFI Secure boot help prevent malware from embedding in the hardware. Trusted Boot helps maintain the integrity of the rest of the OS.