Windows 10

Do great things with Windows 10

Windows 10 Cortana


The personal digital assistant in Windows 10

  • Detects and monitors things that users care about
  • Helps filter noise so users can focus on what matters to them
  • Learns about interests and adapts based on them
  • She will ask questions and tailor her suggestions over time to make them even more personal
  • She offers people-based reminders eg. Remind colleague of meeting when they call
  • She has a great personality


  • Improved Snap interface
  • Have up to four quadrants within one screen
  • Maximise productivity
  • Snap Assist displays thumbnails of available windows
  • Control commands directly from the keyboard
  • Manage several apps at once

Stunning Visuals

Windows 10 comes with Xbox Live built-in and offers stunning visuals with Direct X12

Xbox App

The Xbox app holds your customer's Xbox community, achievements, and game collection

Xbox One Streaming

Your customers can stream Xbox One games to a Windows 10 PC, laptop or tablet anywhere in their home

Across Devices

Cross-device gameplay across Xbox One and Windows 10

Stay Connected

Xbox app keeps your customers connected to their friends and games wherever they go

Gaming Laptop

Windows 10 gaming laptop delivers stunning gaming performance, and it doubles up as a professional laptop for work