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Microsoft have simplified management and deployment to help lower costs. This campaign will allow users to start Windows 10 conversations with their customers and prospects.

Windows 10 will help you grow your customer’s business by unlocking new device opportunities, accelerating Office 365 attach, increasing ROI from infrastructure services, enhancing app profitability, and capturing new licensing opportunities

Windows 10 adapts to the devices your customers are on, minimizing the time they have to spend learning and allowing for more time to increase productivity.

Microsoft believes that this will represent the best OS for organisations and their employees. They have built everything that businesses need, right into the core of this product – including enterprise-grade security, identity and malware protection – in ways that can dramatically reduce dependencies on third-party solutions.

Windows 10 Data Protection

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Campaign Includes:

Windows 10 Nurture Email Templates

Product Tiles and Boxshots

Windows 10 Web Banners

Windows 10 Volume Licensing Overview Presentation

Windows 10 Tips and Tricks Booklet

Windows 10 Partner Profitability Model

Users save time with built-in app management

Windows Devices Corporate Buyback

Windows 10 One Day Assessment Kit